Sourcing Resumes and Candidates Online

By: Meghan Hensley
Finding the right candidate to fill a position at a company can be quite the job itself. There are so many key factors to look for in every candidate, and all must be considered in order to fill an open position. What key qualities could this person bring to the company? Does this person seem responsible? Do they have a clean background? We go through many searches just to find someone who meets these requirements and seems like the right fit for our company and sometimes they end up turning down the offer presented, making the recruitment process that much more frustrating.

So where do we start? First, we receive a position from a company that is looking to hire. We then talk with the company HR and Hiring Manager to make sure that we have a clear, well defined job description of the position that they are trying to fill and which traits they want to hone in on. Most of the time, we are searching for certain degrees, certificates to operate specific machinery, or how much experience is required for them to be considered a good candidate.

Once we find out everything, requirement-wise, we advertise the job with a clear-cut job description so that we can attract the best possible candidates in the market-place. In addition to advertising online, we have various search engines that we utilize to also look for potential candidates, such as Monster, LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, and Career Builder.

We plug in key words and information into the Boolean search engines, which helps us narrow down the candidate pool and also specify certain characteristics that are required for the job. We then strategically put the location of the job in the search area, and work within a 20-mile radius initially, and expand out slowly, as the search continues. Typically, even after narrowing it down, we still end up with around 150 – 250 resumes that have the listed requirements on them to look through.

When reviewing through the narrowed down resumes, we still have to look for other specific things as well. We want to make sure that the potential candidate isn’t a job hopper, meaning that they have been with multiple employers for a very short period of time, over and over again. An ideal candidate would be someone that the company could depend on to be responsible and not just quit on short notice. This usually means someone with tenure of at least 3 years within every job he/she has held as well. Making sure the industry and technical experience matches is very important as well. If it doesn’t make sense for us – as recruiters, then it certainly won’t make sense for the employer or candidate either.

Still after all the narrowing down, a lot of the resumes may have some of the requirements but will be missing something that we are specifically looking for, which makes the search that much harder. The experience piece is crucial when considering possible candidates, many times companies are looking for candidates with a certain amount of experience, be it 3-5 years or such. Too little or too much can be a deal breaker for a hiring manager.

Sourcing for candidates can be a very tedious, eye tiring job. But when we find the right fit for a company, the reward far makes the effort worthwhile.


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