Precision Recruiting & Staffing

Precision Recruiting
By: Fatima Williams

Recruiting is a very technical process that determines if a specific individual is deemed qualified for a particular position. Organizations always try to find the best people to join their ranks, but the process behind the actual strategy is lacking most of the times. In today’s market the best people will always yield the best ROI (Return on Investment). There is a mad rush to recruit, and retain top notch candidates with the most Technical understandings.

The CertaStaff team understands that developing professional relationships with candidates and clients is paramount in helping each candidate achieve his/her career goals. The enhancement of the Full-Cycle Recruiting process is essential in capturing the youth of today.

I recently began working as a recruiting specialist for a small startup firm called CertaStaff. During my employment here, I have observed how the team operates within the Recruiting arena, each of the team members are focused, and dedicated as they; source, recruit, and screen, the most technical, and behaviorally exceptional candidate possible for permanent, temporary, temporary to permanent job placements.

Within my short tenure at CertaStaff, I have discovered the key to unlock the most talented candidates in the market and deliver them to our employer clients. What I have learned at my new company is that the experience required in a particular job description is about 1/3 of the process; the other 2/3s come from the quality, and the career progression goals of the candidates being pursued. This is to be expected, but often not heard when speaking with marketable individuals within the business community. Additionally, the Precision Recruitment service that is offered at CertaStaff, assures that the most qualified candidate will be presented because our team has an in depth knowledge of our client’s business operations before we begin searching for candidates.

One of the strongest traits that our Recruiters bring to the table is that each and everyone are professionals in the field that they are recruiting for, giving them the direct KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities) to be effective in locating the proper fit. The focus of a recruiter should be to continually make strides in delivering better candidates than any other firm can produce.

So, in summary; what I am trying to say is that recruiting is a two way street, and many companies don’t seem to understand that. They are under the impression that they need an employee coming out of the fortune 100 sector, but what is needed is an individual that is technically proficient and committed. For example; a $100k salary from a $100MM company, is not the same as a $100K salary from a $10 Billion dollar company. The value that one company brings, outside of sheer compensation can speak volumes. So, it is in my opinion that companies would do far better if they were to consider the right fit over the dream candidate.


CertaStaff – Precision Recruiting & Staffing

CertaStaff is a nationally known leader in professional staff augmentation and direct placement services. We have founded a process called precision recruiting, which provides unmatched screening of potential candidates – selecting only the best fit, strategic individuals to be considered for employment.

Its this process of recruiting, along with our high level of client interaction and customization to their industry, that we can pin-point the absolute best talent to fill any employer’s open requisitions. CertaStaff’s diverse and experienced team members have developed their business knowledge and human resources skills to deliver the perfect fit between a candidate and the employer.