Getting a Job through a Staffing Agency

Getting a Job through a Staffing Agency

By: Meghan Hensley


Job hunting can be very difficult and stressful. It may appear to be simple to find a job considering when you look on job boards and websites you see many companies hiring all the time. Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get an interview for a company? It’s probably because they are searching for something you don’t have on your resume or they are looking for such an exact fit, that they will pass you by in a blink of an eye.

Big companies don’t want to go through thousands of resumes, trying to pick the right candidate out of thousands of submissions, it’s very time consuming. So they hire a staffing agency to do the searching for them. Agencies have access to so many different job search engines and a large network of qualified candidates, which it makes it much easier for us to find the right fit! Our clients can get really detailed in what they are looking for, down to which school, the age bracket, or type of background they would like to see in a candidate for a particular position. They know what they want and with us they get that exactly.

Getting an interview with a good company can be a struggle. It seems as if you always have to know someone. Going through a staffing agency is a foot in the door kind of opportunity for a candidate. We have access to big companies that won’t just let anyone in. So we do the initial screening process and interview for them and send the resume straight to the decision makers. If we feel as if you are a good candidate for the position and the company, we send you to them!

We are always looking to help better candidates as well as help the client find the best candidate, think of it as match-maker and we prep each candidate before-hand making it more likely for that individual to close the deal. Our goal is to really get to know you and help you find exactly what it is you are looking for at the same time find the right employer for a candidate’s interests.

Using an agency to help get placed in a job doesn’t cost the candidate anything. Many people have this concern when it comes to whether or not to use an agency for a job search, worried it may cost them something, all the costs are paid on the employer’s side.

The positions we place with our clients are not only temporary positions, most of them are temp-to-hire, meaning you typically work for the staffing agency for 90-120 days before the company can hire you on. We also place several direct hire positions as well, in which our employer clients hire you on directly. There are many options and many possible new employment opportunities when one goes through a Staffing firm, and more and more employers have decided to outsource the whole recruitment process to third parties because of the flexibility. If you haven’t given it a shot, you should try it. I believe when you do, you will say – why haven’t I tried this before? Thanks!


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